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The best streaming video company for both small (SME) and corporate users.

Life on Show.TV is a brand new online video streaming portal with a difference, giving the viewing public all over the world a video insight into your products and services using the simple Life on Show.TV video tools.

Life on Show.TV will allow you to produce and display video footage to promote your messages through a very user friendly online TV interface, offering channels and programs to visitors.

Any organisation using the Life on Show.TV tools will be able to choose their own channels and produce their own program content to fill these channels.

From a visitor stand point, the interface will allow them to select channels then choose to watch the program content held within these channels.

Each program can also have links attached to allow the visitor to click the video and open up a new browser for further information about that program. This may be an enquiry form or questionnaire if you wish to gain feedback.

This will provide so much more than just words and images as these alone simply cannot deliver the full message of what is being shown.

With the latest developments in browser technology and ever increasing bandwidth availability, we see the future of the internet looking more and more like your traditional TV channels but without the same huge delivery cost.

To find out more about setting up your own TV Portal online today, call us on 0800 644 6894 or email at contact@lifeonshow.tv.

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A website with a visible difference

  • Let your organisation benefit from dynamic video exposure
  • Help create a richer environment for your business community
  • Help visitors who are looking for what your organisation has to offer
  • Use this facility as an inward revenue generator

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Online Streaming Platform - bring your organisation to life with video.

I was really impressed by Life on Show.TV. A lot of thought has gone into every aspect of the service, with clients receiving a host of great features that enable them to manage, deliver, and monetise high quality video via an intuitive web-based interface.

Dan Oliver, editor-in-chief of .net magazine